Customer Care Layer Overview

Swift and efficient passenger affairs' handling has a vital importance for airline and travel industry. Proper management of passenger complaints and suggestions is the heart of a good CRM (Customer Relationship Management) strategy, which increases customer loyalty.  Within this framework, airlines need customer care management solution to interact with their customers, easy-to-use tools and personalized communications to boost satisfaction.
Crane Customer Care Layer (Crane CCL) is a widely spread, web based passenger contact and relationship management center. The System combines a rich set of functions and it is easy to use. Its robust and proven architecture enables easy integration with Crane Passenger Service System (PSS) and other airline platforms and third-party service providers. Its CRM (Customer Relationship Management) capabilities can strengthen relations between airline and passenger. The system can be used as a powerful marketing tool to improve services as well as airline's brand value.


Efficient Business Work Flow
Efficient Business Work Flow Efficiency is the utmost important challenge in customer affairs. Crane Customer Care Layer (Crane CCL) allows to create efficient work flows by setting up roles and necessary approvals, escalations and warning mechanisms. Therefore, reducing workloads and creating efficient mechanisms benefits both airline s passengers.
Brand Image Control
Brand Image Control

Communication tone and customer relations are the most important aspects of an airline’s brand image. Crane Customer Care Layer (Crane CCL) uses communication templates and a has a full view of the passenger’s profile and behavior to manage airline’s brand image. It helps to ensure a consistent corporate representation for an airline. Communication can be a distinctive factor, that makes an airline stand out in a packed competitive invironment.

Customer Affairs Specialization
Customer Affairs Specialization

User specialization is essential for better and efficient customer service. Crane Customer Care (Crane CCL) allows association of subjects or service categories with certain users or user groups, that helps airlines to focus on cultivating customer care experts.

Omni-channel Customer Recognition
Omni-channel Customer Recognition

Crane Customer Care(Crane CCL) provides the ability to accesses full passenger profile with all necessary demographic and transaction information. The usage of Crane Customer Care  Layer (Crane CCL) optimizes communication and provides personalized messages for customer contacts when needed.


  • Customer Engagement
    Customer Engagement
  • Auto Distribution
    Auto Distribution
  • Workflow Management
    Workflow Management
  • Airline System Integrations
    Airline System Integrations
  • Finance


  • Scalable
  • Access to customer communication history
  • Web based reporting module
  • Email, fax, web, sms, IVR integration
  • Life cycle feedback
  • Templates
  • Keyword recognition
  • Accessible with web browser
  • Multi-department support
  • Automated task distribution

integrated with other Crane products

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