Weight & Balance Overview

A proper weight and balance control is one of the most important factors, ensuring an efficient and safe aircraft operation. The weight and balance system used in aircrafts consists of three equally important elements: weighing the aircraft, maintaining weight and balance records, and the proper loading of the aircraft.

Crane Weight & Balance is a web-based solution that is compatible with all standard web browsers with no specific requirement. The graphical trim display makes load planning easy. Compatibility and load limitation checks are made dynamically as the deadloads and passengers are positioned. Clear alerts are shown on the screen instantly. The application accurately and safely manages all the necessary computations to produce the loading instructions (LIRF) and load sheets in IATA format. Sending load sheets directly to the aircraft via ACARS, while LDM, CPM, and MVT messages can be produced automatically, and all messages can be sent via SITATEX or e-mail.

Crane Weight & Balance supports a standalone mode and provides full functionality with an internet connection. In addition, it is integrated with Crane DCS, which accesses real passenger and baggage figures immediately.

Crane Weight & Balance is used by Crane family member airlines and by ground handling companies which serve major airlines.


Autoload Function
Autoload Function

Pre/Auto-Load function enables a powerful optimization of load distribution to get an ideal aircraft CG; considering not only the fuel & aircraft performance efficiency, but also operationally efficient loading by means of several auto applied loading preferences, restrictions, company rules including Dangerous Goods and Special Loads. So, it is very clear that aircraft ideal CG is not the only target, but there is more than that to get a totally optimized operationally efficient loading.

User can get quite satisfactory results even without any special additional data inserts, by means of Crane WAB System 's already defined default settings, reflecting the industry 's highly accepted operational expertise.

Near-Result Calculation of Estimated Zero Fuel Weight (EZFW)
Near-Result Calculation of Estimated Zero Fuel Weight (EZFW)

Crane Weight & Balance provides users an EZFW with the booked load of passenger and deadloads, which helps the dispatcher to specify the optimum fuel for cost-savings. The system allows users to make calculations according to the booked passenger figures, some of the booked and checked figures, as well as the total checked figures.

Multiple/Variable Weight Limitations
Multiple/Variable Weight Limitations

Crane Weight & Balance allows users to define different maximum weight definitions depending on changing conditions such as inclement weather, runway/airport etc. Due to these conditions, the aircrafts’ flight based “Maximum Zero Fuel Weight”, “Maximum Take-off Weight” and “Maximum Landing Weight” limits can be reduced by the user. Looking at the definitions, the end-user can easily select the condition name, and the maximum weights of the aircraft are modified easily for the related choice and flight. Not only constant values but also linearly changing dynamic values can be calculated by the system according to the actual weight of the aircraft.

Load Control Interchange Message
Load Control Interchange Message

Crane Weight & Balance receives and processes the Load Control Interchange Message that provides the third party DCS systems’ checked-in passenger figures. If third party DCS providers send an LCI message to the Crane Weight & Balance solution, the message is received, and the passenger figures are processed and easily accepted into the system. Therefore, in addition to being a standalone solution, Crane W&B allows integration with all DCS providers and saves time.


  • Ezfw Calculation
    Ezfw Calculation
  • CLC Centralized Load Control
    CLC Centralized Load Control
  • IATA EDP and ACARS Load Sheet
    IATA EDP and ACARS Load Sheet
  • Load Control Interchange Message
    Load Control Interchange Message


  • Dynamic Weight and Index control 
  • All documents compatible with IATA standards (Loadsheet, LIR and NOTOC)
  • Autoload Function
  • User-friendly interface/graphical view
  • Support for both narrow and wide-body aircrafts/multileg flights (up to 6 legs)
  • Conditional CG Definition
  • AHM Data export/import in xml format
  • Flight Process Tracking
  • Centralized Load Control
  • TRC Check Menu/Collective Report via FTP in CSV format
  • User Certificate Tracking/User assignment
  • ACARS in SITA and ARINC format
  • Multi-language support
  • Communication between CLC users and check-in users
  • Function for sending Loadsheet, LIR and NOTOC forms via email or telex
  • Regulated Max Weight
  • Standard/Non-Standard Fueling
  • Auto sending function for LDM, CPM, and UCM
  • Offline mode
  • Integration with 3rd party systems (DCS, Cargo)

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