Online Travel Agency Overview

Crane Online Travel Agency (shortly Crane OTA), the next generation, multi-lingual and multi-currency online travel platform, provides a turn-key solution not only for Online Travel Agencies, but also Tour Operators, Consolidators, Destination Management Companies (DMC), Airline Holiday Companies, Travel Management Companies (TMC) and Corporates, Airports, Call Centers, Retailers, Media as well as GSM Operators, Credit Card and Loyalty Programs, Insurance, Media and others who are interested in selling all flight and non-flight travel products online either as standalone or dynamically packed, through direct (web, mobile, kiosk, etc.) and in-direct (travel agency network, intermediaries, resellers, etc.) sales channels and in single or multi-source markets.


Enlarge Your Business
Enlarge Your Business

“Travel” has always been the keyword of magic to provide you additional revenue, increase your customer loyalty as well as the traffic & ranking of your digital channels. Whether you are a travel company or not, Crane OTA offers you the possibility to enlarge your business by hundreds of thousands of ready-to-sell flight, hotel, car, transfer, activity, travel insurance, dynamic packages and much more online.

Automize Your Workflow
Automize Your Workflow

While you grow, it usually happens that part of your workflow starts to become manual which slowers your decisions and actions, prevents you to instantly see whats going on in your company and decreases the customer satifaction. You can’t believe but in spite of thousands of products and services, we have managed to increase the automization ratio of Crane OTA at a level over 90%! Just try and see how it works.

Increase Loyalty of Your Customers
Increase Loyalty of Your Customers

Customers who book a flight ticket book also hotel, transfer, attraction and other travel products from different suppliers or intermediaries. Whatever you do to keep your customers loyal, at the end, by controlling only part of the travel life of your customers, do you believe you still can be able to create a real and long-term loyalty? To increase the number of loyalty members and stronger their loyalty, Crane OTA provides you the necessary products to control the whole travel cycle of your customers.

Maximize Your Revenue
Maximize Your Revenue

Crane OTA offers you the opportunity to enrich your product portfolio with dozens of already integrated travel vendors. You are free to sell the whole product range either standalone and/or dynamically packed. Besides the ready-to-sell products and services, it provides also the right analytics and mark-up tools to let you give the right decisions and apply your action plans on time.


  • Desktop Agency Booking Tool
    Desktop Agency Booking Tool
  • Booking Management System
    Booking Management System
  • Mark-Up System & Margins
    Mark-Up System & Margins
  • Booking Fee Module
    Booking Fee Module
  • Route Management System
    Route Management System
  • Lead Days System
    Lead Days System
  • Fraud System
    Fraud System
  • Payment System
    Payment System
  • E-Mail Confirmation Processing
    E-Mail Confirmation Processing
  • Dynamic Packaging
    Dynamic Packaging
  • Content Management System
    Content Management System
  • Back Office Hand Off XML
    Back Office Hand Off XML
  • Basic M.I. Reporting
    Basic M.I. Reporting
  • Advanced Reporting System
    Advanced Reporting System
  • Customer Contact Support System
    Customer Contact Support System
  • Special Offer System
    Special Offer System
  • Travel Finder
    Travel Finder
  • System Status Monitoring
    System Status Monitoring
  • Rule Based Deposit System
    Rule Based Deposit System
  • Product Management System
    Product Management System
  • Hotel Allocation System
    Hotel Allocation System


  • Over 250,000 ready-to-sell hotels, car rentals, transfers and attractions
  • Inventory, pricing, offer and order management
  • Travel content set-up via direct contracting, XML API and NDC integration
  • Flexible mark-up, commission and on the go service fee management
  • Beach and City locations to match with airline destinations
  • Dynamic packaging by easy to use rules set
  • Multi-market compatible
  • Desktop agency booking tool
  • Full mobile responsive design
  • Customer contact support features
  • Reward points redemption

provides 250.000+ flight, hotel, car, transfer, attraction, insurance and dynamic packages

control of inventory, pricing, mark-up and service fee is within your hands

seamless integration with other Crane products

Hitit provides cloud hosting and infrastructure services for all Crane solutions as a part of its "Software as a Service" (SaaS) business model.

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