Passenger Service System Overview

This is the new era of air transport. Passenger expectations for personalized travel and purchasing experiences are increasing. The demand for omni-channel sales and distribution capabilities are higher than ever. The airline industry requires the most unique and dynamic ancillary products.

At this point, Airline Passenger Service System (PSS) has arisen as an indispensable industrial expression which plays critical role for airlines. Passenger Service System (PSS) is a suite of solutions allowing an efficient management of an airline’s end-to-end operations through handling passenger-related activities. Airline Passenger Service System (PSS) solutions provide the entire passenger experience circle, which consists of reservation, ticketing, check-in, internet and mobile booking, departure control, loyalty management and customer care. The demand for airline PSS is expected to increase in the coming years considering the growing demand of travel and airline market, as well as increasing number of passenger volume.

Crane Passenger Service Systems (Crane PSS) is the turn-key solution suite to address the challenges, an all-inclusive web-based passenger service system offers a distinctly unique, fully integrated modular platform with reservation, inventory and departure control systems and built-in best-in-class loyalty system capabilities. Passenger Service Systems (PSS) are regulated, mission-critical and complex platforms that normally have difficulty embracing changes at the rate the industry currently demands. At Hitit we are passionately dedicated to evolve in line with the industry needs and trends. That’s why we offer the most flexible  airline passenger service system (PSS) solution suite- Crane PSS, with its ability to transform together with the industry, grow together with partners and help them achieve their strategic objectives whether it is to maximize customer experience or boost revenues.

Crane Passenger Service System (Crane PSS) consists of Reservations and Passenger Service (Crane PAX), Internet Booking Engine (Crane IBE), Mobile Application (Crane MA), Allotment Manager (Crane ALM), Departure Control System (Crane DCS), Weight & Balance (Crane WB), Baggage Reconciliation Itinerary (Crane BRI), Loyalty Layer (Crane LL). These solutions are available both stand alone and as a complete suite.

Crane PSS has been designed to fill the gap between traditional airline practices and the latest digital trends and capabilities. This makes it possible for Crane to easily adapt to an airline’s business model or market specific needs.

Low Cost Carriers, for example, can enjoy a lightweight, easy-to-deploy and user friendly PSS that takes care of all their core business processes without any hassle. This gives them the time to focus on refining their product with customized ancillary offerings, dynamic packaging and unbundling options, all coupled with powerful and direct omni-channel distribution including the highest level of IATA NDC. 

Full Service Carriers, on the other hand, can rest assured that their more complex processes will be preserved. Under the sleek, web-based interfaces of Crane lies a powerful and fully-featured PSS that is capable of all traditional modes of airline operation: Codeshare, interline, GDS distribution, e-ticketing, EMD, complex fares and multi-class nesting and more, everything a network airline might need is built into the very core of Crane Passenger Service System (Crane PSS).

Hybrid Carriers are also free to enjoy a mix and match of all of these features and make the best of the both worlds to suit their unique needs and opportunities, of course!

Passenger Service System


  • Reservation & Passenger Services

  • Internet Booking Engine

  • Mobile Application

  • Allotment Manager

  • Departure Control System

  • Weight & Balance

  • Baggage Reconciliation Itinerary

  • Loyalty Layer

Hitit provides cloud hosting and infrastructure services for all Crane solutions as a part of its "Software as a Service" (SaaS) business model.

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