Reservation & Cargo Services Overview

Crane CGO (Reservation & Cargo Services) provides the most comprehensive and complete solution for your air cargo operations. Crane CGO is built on a cutting-edge technology platform and based on a modular architecture that covers all aspects of air cargo transportation, from acceptance to final delivery across the air logistics community. Crane CGO enables the partners (airlines, ground handlers, GSAs, forwarders, warehouse operators) to have end-to-end control over commercial, operational, revenue accounting, and management reporting processes. It is available as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model with an application hosted by Hitit.


Enhanced Capacity Management
Enhanced Capacity Management

Real-time visibility of cargo capacity on flights enables control and management for optimizing a load.

Increased Efficiency
Increased Efficiency

The solution promotes the efficient use of resources in cargo handling and document processing. It supports bar code assistance in cargo handling and discrepancy handling to simplify lost cargo tracking.

Industry Focused
Industry Focused

It is fully compliant with industry standards and initiatives such as IATA e-Freight, e-AWB, iCargo CDMP, Cargo2000 and parallel with IATA StB Cargo initiatives. It supports the need to make air cargo easier, smarter and faster.

Improved Performance
Improved Performance

Staff efficiency can be improved with a shorter training time and a user-friendly, easy-to-use web-based system.


  • Schedule Management
    Schedule Management
  • Capacity & Inventory
    Capacity & Inventory
  • Booking
  • Allotment
  • Cargo Rates & Quotations
    Cargo Rates & Quotations
  • AWB Issuance
    AWB Issuance
  • AWB Stock Serial
    AWB Stock Serial
  • IMP/XML Messaging
    IMP/XML Messaging
  • Cargo Acceptance
    Cargo Acceptance
  • Export Handling
    Export Handling
  • Import Handling
    Import Handling
  • Transfer Handling
    Transfer Handling
  • Arrival & Delivery
    Arrival & Delivery
  • Cargo Claims & Irregularities
    Cargo Claims & Irregularities
  • Warehouse Management
    Warehouse Management
  • Customer Management
    Customer Management


  • Schedule flexibility for PAX, freighter and truck flights
  • Full reservation and booking functions
  • Advanced cargo inventory management by weight, volume, and ULDs
  • Dynamic calculation of total cargo payload for PAX & freighter flights
  • Fare Quotations and auto-pricing
  • Optimizing free sale capacity
  • Ranking of shipments and allotments
  • Comprehensive allotment management for high-demand segments
  • Meeting industry requirements
  • Compliant with IATA StB Cargo initiatives
  • Cargo IMP and XML message capabilities
  • Entire export, import and transit handling capabilities
  • Discrepancy handling – Claims handling
  • RFID and barcoding support for handling operations
  • Full processing of all cargo-related documents
  • Real-time customer service management
  • Interface to DCS and Weight&Balance systems
  • Integration with Customs systems
  • Enhanced management reporting
  • Easy to learn and easy to use

enhanced capacity management with real time visibility

an end-to-end solution for Air Cargo Business

increased productivity with automatic message generation

Hitit provides cloud hosting and infrastructure services for all Crane solutions as a part of its "Software as a Service" (SaaS) business model.

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