Cost Accounting Overview

Airlines operate in a challenging and dynamic business environment, which creates a need for a flexible technology that can help them adapt to emerging travel industry needs.
Airlines can achieve a maximum outcome, only with a fast and accurate solution, which tracks, records and manages their costs.  Airline cost accounting software takes care of contract management, minimizes errors, speeds up airline accounting processes and generates real-time profitability for better decision making.

Crane Cost Accounting (Crane CA) is an airline cost accounting solution providing end-to-end oversight of the operating costs, near real-time profitability calculation, cost and budget management with seamless integration of schedule planning, revenue accounting and crew management systems.

Crane CA (Airline Cost Accounting) generates airline operating costs with revenue figures collected from revenue accounting systems, retrieves operating costs from actual, contract and allocated prices with near real-time efficiency and airline industry standard level of accuracy. The Crane CA’s ( Airline Cost Accounting) powerful data processing and profitability calculation output are provided along with flexible and dynamic tools for invoicing, cost control and world-class budget planning.


Improved Revenue
Improved Revenue

Crane CA’s (Cost Accounting) contribution to an airline's profit is indisputable; not only preventing invoice over-payment, but also providing more efficient cost control operation through use of a workforce. In addition, invaluable financial management reporting support and operations by Crane CA (Airline Cost Accounting) help improve the overall business processes.

Full Grasp of Contracts and Providers
Full Grasp of Contracts and Providers

Covering all types of contracts including complex and scenario-based, Crane CA (Cost Accounting) provides detailed analysis of service rate information and manages, controls and renegotiates them. All the airline contracts and rate definitions can also be managed at a single glance.

Accurate Financial Management
Accurate Financial Management

By accurately calculating flight-related costs based on actual operational data and supplier contracts at the time of flights, Crane CA (Cost Accounting) generates accruals and posts figures to airline accounting systems. This helps financial management to revise or update planning, forecasting and budgeting processes on time.

Increased Planning and Forecast Efficiency
Increased Planning and Forecast Efficiency

With Crane CA (Cost Accounting), real time cost figure reporting at flight, leg, route or reporting group levels enables detailed profitability analysis, budget planning, forecasting or simulation even in the individual flights.


  • Contract Management
    Contract Management
  • Invoice Management
    Invoice Management
  • Profitability
  • Accrual Management
    Accrual Management
  • Invoicing
  • Reconciliation


  • Real-time forecasting
  • Real-time profitability analysis
  • World standard KPI reports
  • Contract management
  • Financial planning
  • Support of all cost groups
  • Auto invoice verification
  • Accrual generation

processes 50.000+ invoices containing 3.000.000+ invoice detail

calculates profitability and accruals with 98%+ accuracy

Hitit provides cloud hosting and infrastructure services for all Crane solutions as a part of its "Software as a Service" (SaaS) business model.

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