Departure Control System Overview

Airline departure control system (DCS) automates an airline’s ground operations including airport check-in system, passenger information management, boarding cards printing,  baggage acceptance, boarding, load control and aircraft checks and etc. 

Departure Control System (DCS) integrates with an airline inventory system providing real-time notifications of all departure control events, such as passenger handling process, including check-in and e-ticket management or aircraft ground operations to manage passenger and load distribution. 

Crane Departure Control System (DCS) is a web-based real-time solution, flexible and reliable departure control system for airlines to manage flights, passenger handling process and load control. Besides providing fast, hassle-free and efficient check-in experience, Crane DCS (Departure Control System) boosts customer experience with its features and extended functionalities at all the touch points.

This airline departure management system allows an airline to handle passenger requirements and bring the ability to upsell and cross-sell extra services through check-in desks, kiosks, web/mobile pages with a high conversion rate. 

Crane Departure Control System can be used either as an integral part of Crane PAX (Reservation and Passenger Services) or deployed as a standalone airline departure control and ground operations handling software that is capable to work with any external airline core reservation system. The optional, web-based Weight & Balance module complies with AHM 560 & AHM 565 standards and provides rich functions for aircraft weight & balance and load control. 

Crane Weight and Balance plays an important role in aircraft ground handling and increases overall flight operation efficiency by providing fuel savings.  This smart and rapid module enables system users to complete all required tasks smoothly without compromising safety regulations. 


Customer Satisfaction
Customer Satisfaction

Crane DCS (Departure Control System) increases customer satisfaction with customer recognition over the counter purchasing and self-service facilities.

Increased Revenue
Increased Revenue

Crane Departure Control System (DCS) supports ancillary sales options via web, mobile, kiosks or check-in counters. These system capabilities give airline passengers more product and service choices while interacting with airlines.

Full Integration
Full Integration Crane (DCS) Departure Control System is integrated with airline core reservation system, e-ticketing data bases, partner airlines' systems, loyalty programs, IATA TIMATIC and other common airline DCS platforms.

Improved Performance
Improved Performance
Staff efficiency can be improved with shorter training time and user-friendly, easy-to-use web-based Crane departure control system (DCS).


  • Passenger Processing
    Passenger Processing
  • PNR Management
    PNR Management
  • Control Lists
    Control Lists
  • Self-Service
  • Ancillary Management
    Ancillary Management


  • New generation web-based departure control system
  • Intuitive graphical user interface based on user roles
  • Certified on most common CUPPS and CUSS providers
  • Supports most common airport infrastructures and hardware
  • Boarding card & bag tag
  • Weight & balance
  • Web, mobile, kiosk check-in
  • Inter airline thru check-in
  • Interactive e-ticket handling
  • Ancillary sales at check-in counters

seamless integration with other Crane products

employed by airlines across Europe, Asia and Africa

processes 50+ million passengers a year

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