Accounting Overview

The airline market requires fast and accurate accounting to keep up with the fierce competition, ever-changing airline and travel industry, business models and regulations. In order to support strategic business plans and facilitate better decision making, instant recognition, collection and consolidation of revenues and costs are essential for aviation professionals.

Aviation accounting is the area, which requires specific qualifications, experience and an understanding of airlines’ business models and revenue sources. Due to rapidly changing legal regulations, travel industry standards and workload, airline accounting department is under a constant pressure. Airline accounting solutions are meant to control and evaluate an airline's financial performance, track revenue flows, predict unexpected costs for more cost-effective operations. Even a slight optimization of expenses with custom aviation accounting software has a significant impact on the revenue improvement.

Hitit offers Crane Accounting solutions to use the strategic advantage of handling revenue projection, revenue analysis, financial accounting, settlements, profitability and contract management with perfect accuracy to strengthen an airline’s capital structure and budgeting.

For better risk management and to comply with industry-wide standards and regulations, Crane Accounting solutions are always on track and rapidly adapt to the challenges of the airline industry. Hitit’s expertise in the airline industry and the integration of Crane Accounting solutions with other Crane solutions provides substantially, faster and more reliable data exchange, together with easier adaptation.

Crane Accounting solution suite includes: Revenue Accounting (Crane RA), Cost Accounting (Crane CA), Business Performance Index (Crane BPI). These solutions are available both stand-alone and as a complete suite.



  • Revenue Accounting

  • Cost Accounting

  • Business Performance Index

Hitit provides cloud hosting and infrastructure services for all Crane solutions as a part of its "Software as a Service" (SaaS) business model.

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