Travel Solutions Overview

Today’s online travel marketplace is mega-competitive. We know that price-savvy consumers are trawling the web looking to find the best deals going for air, hotel and dynamic travel packages. The OTAs who stand out are those which offer comprehensive content at competitive prices, all made easily accessible via a professional, feature-packed interface with easy booking options.

Differentiation is key too, particularly if you have specialist product. Perhaps you have offers and promotions you need to manage and update instantly to multiple channels, such as your website, mobile or email campaigns? After all, your business is unique so your travel platform needs to fully reflect this.

Your site will include all the vital features and functionality you need to compete in today’s busy online marketplace, and much more besides to maximize your revenue, load factor, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Crane OTA (Online Travel Agency), provides a turn-key solution not only for Tour Operators and Travel Agencies, but also Chain and Individual Hotels, Rent a Car, Transportation, Activity, Rail and Cruise Companies, as well as Airports, GSM Operators, Credit Card and Loyalty Programs, Insurance, Media Companies and others who are interested in selling all flight and non-flight travel products online either as standalone or dynamically packed, through direct (web, mobile, kiosk, etc.) and in-direct (travel agency network, intermediaries, resellers, etc.) sales channels and in single or multi-source markets.

Travel Solutions


  • Online Travel Agency

  • Agent Portal Plus

Hitit provides cloud hosting and infrastructure services for all Crane solutions as a part of its "Software as a Service" (SaaS) business model.

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