Reservation & Passenger Services Overview

Airline reservation and passenger service system is the most critical aspect for airlines, which handles activities with their actual and potential passengers, and can create customer loyalty and satisfaction. Innovative and technological reservation and passenger service system assists airlines in boosting their capacity in inventory management, distributing over direct & indirect sales channels, promotion management, e-ticketing, online booking and airline ancillary services for better up-sell and cross sell.

Crane PAX, (Reservation and Passenger Service) is a modern turnkey solution, that allows airlines and affiliates to create, design, distribute and deliver advanced passenger services. As a full-fledged web-based airline reservation system, it comprises inventory management, fares, marketing tools, central reservations (CRC), online and mobile reservation and ticketing, agency distribution and many other services. Fully integrated with all major GDSs, Crane PAX  (Reservation and Passenger Service) provides a rich set of web services and integration options for reservation and passenger system management.


Fair Pricing Structure
Fair Pricing Structure

Reservation and Passenger Service (Crane PAX) pricing is based on boarded passengers only. This pricing strategy reflects Hitit’s understanding of mutual growth. Therefore, there are no hidden costs or additional charges for the use of different access methods or services.

Improved Revenue
Improved Revenue

Reservation and Passenger Service (Crane PAX) provides various efficient direct distribution channels, including a private agent network platform. The system also supports distribution to indirect channels. Crane PAX (Reservation and Passenger Service) allows airlines to build and develop airline partnerships.

A wide range of supported ancillaries, which can be sold both stand-alone and in bundles, generate extra profit for the airlines. This increases market reach as well as competitiveness of the airline on the market.

Passenger Oriented
Passenger Oriented

Reservation and Passenger Service (Crane PAX) is designed to provide ultimate passenger experience based on behavioral patterns. Specialized services across various passenger touch points increase repeated purchases and loyalty as well as deliver better service quality. Passenger satisfaction is maximized with customer recognition features, self-service facilities and shorter service time.

Customer Value Consideration
Customer Value Consideration

Reservation and Passenger Service (Crane PAX) comes fully integrated with the best-in-class loyalty solution -Crane LL (Loyalty Layer) and Crane CCL (Customer Care Layer)- or can be integrated with any external loyalty or CRM system. Crane PAX (Reservation and Passenger Service) contains all the necessary  tools to create value for the airline customers, increase satisfaction, profits and repeat purchases. Putting customer first, Crane PAX (Reservation and Passenger Service) excels in each area from availability checks to wait list clearance.


  • Inventory Management
    Inventory Management
  • Reservation &Ticketing
    Reservation &Ticketing
  • Fare &Pricing
    Fare &Pricing
  • Ancillary Management
    Ancillary Management
  • Codeshare /GDS /Interline
    Codeshare /GDS /Interline
  • Promotions &Campaigns
    Promotions &Campaigns
  • Distribution &Sales Management
    Distribution &Sales Management
  • Internet&Mobile Booking Engine
    Internet&Mobile Booking Engine
  • Mobile Application
    Mobile Application
  • Agent Management
    Agent Management
  • Payment
  • Group Booking Management
    Group Booking Management
  • Reporting


  • Advanced inventory management
  • Easy to configure fare quotation and management
  • Distribution over direct & indirect channels
  • Interline and code-share management
  • Automation of airline ancillary services at each touch point
  • Promotion management
  • E-ticketing
  • Wide range of payment options
  • Extensive customer touch points & self-service
  • Open APIs for customer’s own end-user layer applications
  • Integrated internet and mobile booking engine
  • Customize airline ancillary services to increase customer upsell
  • IATA standart Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) support

airlines using Crane PAX grow over 25% on average each year

processes 65+ million air passengers each year

used by airlines across Europe, Asia and Africa

Hitit provides cloud hosting and infrastructure services for all Crane solutions as a part of its "Software as a Service" (SaaS) business model.

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