Schedule Planning Overview

Schedule management is one of the main pillars of an airline’s operations planning process, which aims to optimize an airline’s resources, meet demands, minimize operating cost, maximize profits and aircraft utilization, increase connectivity. Thus, airlines need a powerful software, which can provide schedule management, creation, comparison, publishing, reporting&analysis.

Crane Schedule Planning (Crane SP) is an advanced schedule planning and schedule management solution, that enables airlines to achieve the best possible commercial schedule planning and increase aircraft utilization rates. It is being used by many airlines and successfully addresses their most demanding needs. Crane Schedule Planning (Crane SP) is compliant with all the travel industry standards, which allows full and flawless integration with airlines'  and their partners' systems.


Improved Revenue
Improved Revenue Crane SP (Crane Schedule Planning) manages airline's connectivity by providing tools that analyze passenger connection rates. Real-Time and Complete Feasibility Check options point out issues and infeasibilities on aircraft availability, rotation discontinuity, station constraints and many other details.
User Experience
User Experience Color coding and tagging functions contribute to Crane Schedule Planning (Crane SP) enhanced user experience. Users can configure the dashboards on their own. Automatic warnings and assistance mechanisms decrease error rates while making the overall process more efficient.

Crane Schedule Planning (Crane SP) has extensive integration capability with airlines. Most advanced crew planning, central reservation and many other systems can be integrated with Crane Schedule Planning (Crane SP). This introduces more effective support for all decision makers and other commercial departments of an airline.

Competitive Power
Competitive Power

With the help of Crane SP (Schedule Planning) airlines can easily compare their schedules with their competitors and run 'what-if' scenario analysis. Crane Schedule Planning (Crane SP) allows airlines to test, learn and improve their schedules by keeping track of competitor activities.


  • Level One Module
    Level One Module
  • Master &Live Schedule Management
    Master &Live Schedule Management
  • SSIM Module &CAD
    SSIM Module &CAD
  • Feasibility Module
    Feasibility Module
  • Schedule Compare Module
    Schedule Compare Module
  • Reporting


  • Multi-schedule support
  • Single/multiple rotations
  • Real-time error corrections
  • Profitability check support
  • Gantt chart and grid view support
  • Color coded displays
  • Advanced display management
  • Fully compliant with IATA standards 
  • Fully integrated with other Crane airline IT solutions

used by airlines with 80+ aircrafts

manages 180.000+ flights per year

used by numerous airlines across Europe, Asia and Africa

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